The Digital World: the final destination for all real-world data.The lifeforms that dwell in this world are known as Digital Monsters, or 'Digimon'.The Digimon Links app 'links' the real world with the Digital World.Our story begins when you enter the world of Digimon Links!

Digimon Links features a whole range of Digimon from past Digital Monsters series entries.Train Digimon on your Farm and try out the new, turn-based 3 VS 3 'Digimon Training Battle' system!Prepare to face the sudden, unexplained strange phenomena in the Digital World alongside your Digimon!



A place for your Digimon to live.You can build all kinds of facilities on your farm - places to train your Digimon, buildings that give you advantages in battle, and more!Players use the Farm as a base while dealing with unexplained, strange Digital World phenomena.


Take on 3 VS 3 turn-based battles with the Digimon you train!With an awareness of their 'Leader Skills', 'Signature and Legacy Skills', and 'Attributes and Resistances', lead your Digimon to victory!


Form a party of up to 3 members with players online, then take on 'Co-Op Battles'! All players share the AP used to activate Skills, testing your teamwork and strategy as you work together to take down powerful Digimon foes!